Frequently Asked Questions

About the Sign Language in 30 Days Online class:

How much time do I need to dedicate each day?

You will be watching 1 video per day for 30 days.

The daily videos range from the shortest at 3 minutes and the longest at 14 minutes.

You can watch the videos as many times as you would like to review.

Total video time = 3.35 hours

What if I don't finish in 30 days?

This course can be adjusted to any time length.

When you purchase, you are getting lifetime access to the course.

Take it at your own pace. If you want to learn Sign Language over a longer time frame, you can!


If your goal is learning in 60 days: watch a video every other day

If your goal is learning in 90 days: watch a video every three days

You take the course at your own pace, and you can repeat the course whenever you like.

You can’t “fall behind” so don’t worry if you have travel plans, get sick, or have something unexpected come up.

Just catch up when you have the time! It is flexible and will be always be there for you to log in when you have the time to get back on track 

Am I on a deadline to start the course by a certain date?

No deadlines, you can start whenever you feel ready.

The entire course is waiting for you right now.

That means that all 30 days of videos, materials, and bonuses will be accessible the minute you log in to your Member Area. 

Does this class end after 30 days?

This course is yours to keep forever. Learn at your own pace and then refresh your memory any time in the future to review. Even if it is years from now!

It can take years to become fluent and have conversations in a new language. This class is the first step toward becoming fluent because you will learn the 300 most commonly used signs in American Sign Language.

If you are wanting to learn how to sign sentences, my course will give you the vocabulary you need for this, but my course does not teach you how to form sentences (besides basic greetings and common phrases).

My goal is to make basic ASL vocabulary engaging to learn and accessible to you, with the ultimate goal of encouraging you to seek out more knowledge about sentence structure, syntax, and Deaf culture in your own local community.

This course does not teach ASL grammar, syntax, sentence structure, etc.

Bottom line: This class will not make you fluent, but it will give you a solid foundation for fluency as you learn more signs in the future after completing this class.

1. Immediately after you purchase the class, you will receive online access. 

2. You’ll be sent an email with your unique login and password – these will give you access to the course Private Member Area. All of the videos, materials, and bonuses are there. 

3. You can login from any computer or device with your password and receive the information at any time. 

4. You can watch the videos on your smartphone! This course is designed to work beautifully on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Learn during your lunch hour, on a train, at a coffee shop, at home – anywhere you have internet access!

ASL is a beautiful language with incredible depth. I have so much respect for the language and culture that I intentionally chose to label my videos as “Sign Language” instead of “American Sign Language.” I teach ASL vocabulary in this course. 

If you are wanting to learn how to sign sentences, my course will give you the vocabulary you need for this, but my course does not teach you how to form sentences (besides basic greetings and common phrases). My goal is to make basic ASL vocabulary engaging to learn and accessible to you, with the ultimate goal of encouraging you to seek out more knowledge about sentence structure, syntax, and Deaf culture in your own local community. It is outside my scope of expertise to teach ASL grammar, syntax, sentence structure, etc.

I earned a Masters degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and I am a Speech Language Pathologist. I have been learning sign language for the past 10 years. I have taught thousands of people Sign Language words since 2008 on YouTube.

I am involved in the Deaf community and I have been going to Deaf events and silent dinners for years. My boss at the Sign Language Lab, where I worked in college, is deaf, and she taught me so many nuances of deaf culture and I LOVE it.

College classes that teach the same signs that I do can cost over $1,000 in tuition. 

You learn those same Sign Language words in my class for just $247.

Plus you get lifetime access to the class to review at any time. 

Advisors have told me I should charge more, but I am passionate about making Sign Language accessible to lots of people 
Will there ever be a "sale price" on this course in the future?

No, this course will not be discounted in the future. This price is the lowest it will ever be at $247.

I plan on adding more bonuses to this course in the future and the price will likely increase.
So, if you are already a member, you will be grandfathered in and you will receive any future bonuses for free! I will update you via email if I add bonuses. 

I do not offer a payment plan, however, many of my students in the past have saved up for a couple of months before joining the class (so in this way, you are creating your own payment plan :)

Here is what you would need to budget for:

Save $82 per month for 3 months.
Save $62 per month for 4 months.
Save $49 per month for 5 months.


You can earn up to 5 hours of ASHA Certification Maintenance Hours to count toward your CEUs. I will verify your course participation with my software & mail you your ASHA Verification of Attendance with my signature. It is your responsibility to retain a copy of your Verification of Attendance and submit your hours to ASHA.

REIMBURSEMENT: Some employers will reimburse you for Continuing Education hours and trainings. If your employer does, click HERE for a document with information that you can forward to your employer or print out and give to them. It details the class information, CEUs, price, and everything on one PDF to make it simple for you to show all the details to your employer.

WHEN WILL I GET MY CEUs? I send the ASHA CEU paperwork to you in the mail after the 30 days or after you have completed all class lessons (whichever comes first). Some people start the class (for example) in February, and then something comes up and then they wait until June before they finish the class. So I wait until they finish the class completely before I send them their CEU hours certificate. 

Whenever you finish the class, you fill out a simple online form that alerts me to send your certificate to you in the mail.  

Unfortunately, Sign Language is not universal.

The Sign Language I teach is based on American signs.

If you live in the United States or anglophone Canada, this course is a good fit for you.


If you are from another country, you are still welcome to learn from me, however, I recommend looking for a course specific to your location and local language.

It would be very sad to learn 300 signs from America and not be able to use them with people who live in your area.

Bottom line: If you live in the United States or anglophone Canada, this course is for you. (Sorry everyone else from abroad! If I knew Irish, British, Australian, or French Sign Language, etc I would teach you, but I know my local Sign Language).

No. This course is for individual purchase only. It is the same as if you were to take a class in person at a college or go to a conference to learn a new skill, each person pays for his or her own enrollment/tuition.

It is illegal for the course to be purchased once and shared among a group.

I have over 100 students ranging from SLPs to teachers to parents to special education teachers who have gone through my course and many of them shared their stories and experiences and the value they got from taking the class on this page: Read Reviews Here.

One of my students, Isabella, said it best when she wrote:

"Adrienne's Sign Language in 30 Days online class has videos of her talking and teaching you signs from different angles. Other resources are confusing, with pictures and arrows in a book or in an app.

Adrienne's online class videos are fun and fresh, other resources are stale and one-dimensional.

Adrienne's class has a clear, 30 day structure to help you remember the signs in an organized way. Books and apps make Sign Language feel confusing, distant, unapproachable, and unorganized and don’t result in long-term retention.

Adrienne talks out loud to you in her course. Other resources are silent with no verbal explanation to help you to remember the sign.

Adrienne teaches the signs the same way she would teach a friend. She share her personal insights and memory tricks to remember each sign.

Other resources allow you to learn random, isolated signs, but Adrienne inspires you to learn how to sign so that you can connect with real people."

Student Lisa E. says: "I have checked out books and other intensive courses with workbooks and Adrienne's course is the one that worked best for me. I LOVED the video lessons. Adrienne's explanations of the signs are what stick in my head when I am trying to find a sign for a word. I love the words being superimposed on the screen so that when I return to a video for a specific word, I can fast forward to the place I need."

What are students saying about the class?

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