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Toddler Gift Guide

Toddler Gift Guide

I compiled a list of the top children's books and gifts that toddlers love all in one place plus some not-so-common books that are amazing!
See Toddler Gift Guide

Not all toddler toys are created equal.

When it comes to toys for kids, I believe that LESS is more.

I believe in investing in a few higher quality toys that will last. (Hand-me-down toys are great, too!)

I believe in purchasing open-ended toys that allow for creativity and can be combined and used in endless ways.

In general, I do not advocate for purchasing toys that have flashing lights, music, and require batteries.

I believe that active toys make passive learners and passive toys make active learners.

More things I LOVE and recommend for children:


Milestone Checklist

Speech Sound Norms

Phonological Process Norms

How many words toddlers say:

12 months ➜ 2 to 6 words
15 months ➜ 10 words
18 months ➜ 50 words
24 months ➜ 200-300
30 months ➜ 450 words
36 months ➜ 1,000 words 


CanDoKiddo (Occupational Therapist)

Youtube Channels

Do It On A Dime (Organizing)

Laura Mize (Speech Therapy)

Bryony Rust (Speech Therapy)


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