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I do not provide individual consultations, but I still want to help you, so I have gathered my most frequently asked questions and I share my responses, suggestions, recommended resources, and advice.

Please know that there are hundreds of sweet parents like you around the world who ask me very detailed and specific questions. 

Ethically, I do not respond to comments, emails, or direct messages containing specific questions about your toddlers' speech and language abilities (simply because I have not met your child in person or done a formal Speech Therapy evaluation). 


Your question may be answered in my online class or in the FAQ section below:

"Steps to Help Your Child Learn To Talk" Adrienne's Online Class
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1. Have you had your child's hearing tested recently? Your very first step is to rule out hearing issues. It is very common for kids to have fluid in their ear due to ear infections, which makes it extremely difficult for them to learn to talk (everything sounds muffled to them when there is fluid in their ears). That is the first step I would take if I were in your position: ask your pediatrician about how to get a hearing test done.

2. There are many things that you can do to help your child talk more. I have taken all of my best tips and strategies and made this online class for parents that shows you exactly what steps to take to help. 

My FIRST recommendation is to seek advice from a local Speech-Language Pathologist in your town or refer your child for an evaluation. Your next step will be to simply Google “Pediatric Speech Therapy + (your city)”

Simply copy and paste the question about your child that you asked me and then email your question to a Speech-Language Pathologist who is local to your town.


My SECOND recommendation is to enroll in my online class

The Steps to Help Your Child Learn To Talk

+ 23 Video Lessons (total of 3 hours of lessons) from me, Adrienne, a certified, licensed Speech-Language Pathologist 

+ Videos of demonstrating the strategies with real toddlers

+ 7 printable checklists to help keep you on track

+ 4 Baby Sign Language Bonus Lessons 

Who this class is for:

  • Parents and grandparents of children who are not speaking much yet
  • Early Childhood Education Providers
  • Day-Care Providers
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • No fancy materials needed. You can use all the strategies during your normal everyday life

Speech-Language Pathologists earn 3 Continuing Education Hours upon completion of this class


Click to download Milestone Checklist + Printable Bundle

Click to download Speech Sound Norms

Click to download Phonological Process Norms


How many words toddlers say:

12 months ➜ 2 to 6 words
15 months ➜ 10 words
18 months ➜ 50 words
24 months ➜ 200-300
30 months ➜ 450 words
36 months ➜ 1,000 words 


This article will help answer your question.

Youtube Channels

Do It On A Dime (Organizing)

Laura Mize (Speech Therapy)

Bryony Rust (Speech Therapy)


Respectful Parenting Resources:

Janet Lansbury: Unruffled Podcast

The podcast called “Unruffled” by Janet Lansbury is awesome about explaining practical parenting advice with real life examples.

The Mellow Mama: Respectful Parenting Youtube Channel

Kaitlyn Sapp shares how she parents respectfully and often shows videos of her interacting with her son

Read this book: How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen (Amazon affiliate link)

My Minimal Toddler Gift Guide

I compiled a list of the top children's books and gifts that toddlers love all in one place plus some not-so-common books that are amazing!

When it comes to toys, I believe that LESS is more.

Click HERE to see my favorites all in one place on Amazon.

Online classes to help toddlers communicate:

Choose one...

1. Help Your Toddler Talk

Discover Speech Therapy strategies that the professionals use. 

You'll learn how to guide your toddler to say full sentences and have conversations with you.

Let's help your toddler start talking more! Click here.

2. Learn American Sign Language

You've always wanted to learn Sign Language, but you aren't sure where to start?

You'll learn the top 300 Sign Language words in one month, all online, from the comfort of your home.


Common Questions about my Online Classes

Yes. Speech Language Pathologists can earn Continuing Education Units for the classes I offer.

Due to the nature of my online classes, payments are made in full at the time of enrollment. 

The classes are fully online, so you get access to all the lessons immediately after you enroll.

No payment plans are offered.


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