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How To Raise Bilingual Kids: Resource Guide from a Speech-Language Pathologist

toddler ideas May 24, 2020

Bilingual Kids Resource List: 8 Recommended Articles and Resources

☀️How do I get my child to talk and be bilingual?
☀️Is this normal for him to mix up languages?
☀️When on average do bilingual kids actually begin speaking?
☀️At what age should we start teaching him both languages?
☀️Does Bilingualism CAUSE Language Delays?
☀️I’m scared that exposing my child to multiple languages in our house is causing him to be late with talking." Does raising my child to be bilingual cause a language delay? Am I doing something wrong?


Read, watch, and listen to the resources below to learn more about raising bilingual kids.

1. Hanen:

Bilingualism in Young Children: Separating Fact from Fiction

Can children with language impairments learn two languages?

2. Laura Mize:

Recommendations for Working with Bilingual Toddlers with Language Delay


3. Strength In Words:

Podcast Episode: Raising Bilingual Babies- Tips from a Speech-Language Pathologist

Podcast Episode: Baby Sign Language: Tips and Research

4. Bi-Sli:

Bilingual FAQs

5. Importance of Gestures:


6. Super Duper Publications:
Communication and the Bilingual Child


7. Youtube Video from LinguaHealth:

Myths about Bilingual Children


8. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: 
Language Intervention from a Bilingual Mindset

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