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How SPRAY BOTTLES help toddlers TALK - Tips from a Speech Therapist

toddler ideas Jul 07, 2020

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Spray bottles can help your toddler learn HUNDREDS of words.

You don't need fancy toys, flashcards, or apps to help your toddler learn to talk.

Use things you already have around your house.

This video is an at home toddler learning activity. I share how a spray bottle helps toddlers learn new vocabulary.

Hey! I’m Adrienne, Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and you want to help your child:

☀️communicate clearly

☀️listen well

☀️gain life skills


Speech and language strategies used in this video:

☀️verbal routines



☀️following directions

☀️nouns, verbs, adjectives


☀️sensory exploration


☀️joint attention

In my YouTube videos, I teach a variety of strategies to help children learn to talk, but in my online class for children, I teach much more in-depth, revealing the actual step-by-step system I use with my own speech therapy clients to get them from saying only a handful of words to talking in sentences and having conversations. My online class is structured with checklists and printouts where you can track your child's progress. So zooming out, my YouTube videos teach the “what” and my online class teaches the “how.” The goal of the online class is to give you the skills needed to plug in the speech strategies into your daily life with your child and to implement the building blocks, strategies, and concepts during meal time, car riding time, play time, outdoor time, etc. Here is more info about the class so you can see if it would be a good fit for what you are looking for with your child.

The Steps to Help Your Child Learn To Talk:

P.S. For safety, always fully supervise your child when doing activities that I recommend in my videos.

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