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If I teach my baby sign language, will they not learn to talk? Will they become lazy??

Nov 21, 2018
We're busting some common myths about sign language in this podcast episode I was interviewed on. (My interview begins at 22:44 minutes into the podcast)
- Does sign language limit toddlers' ability to learn to talk out loud?
- How did I become interested in early intervention and sign language?
- Does teaching sign language help kids receive more positive feedback?
- When a child signs a word incorrectly, what should we do?
- Is it helpful to teach students more than one communication modality?
Want to listen? We talk about all these things and more in this myth-busting episode.
(My interview begins at 22:44 minutes into the podcast)
With joy,
P.S. Honored to be invited to be a part of Talking With Tech podcast. Thanks to Rachel Madel, the Speech-Language Pathologist who interviewed me!
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