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Adrienne's Mighty Chocolate Milkshake

Oct 15, 2023

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Backstory & recipe below  

One of my sons has always been a very picky eater, while my other son will eat alllll the things. Before making these fruit/veggie/protein milkshakes, I needed a way to get lots of nutrients into my son because I couldn't get him to eat enough quantity and variety (he would eat a couple bites here and there and then say he was full) but he was HANGRY a lot of the day. Earlier this year, it was severely impacting his behavior during the whole day every day (he had a very short temper, he was quick to throw toys, hit, kick, run away, slam doors, yell, had sensitivities to loud sounds, seemed stressed a lot and in fight or flight, etc).

We were experiencing 8-10 meltdowns per day. It was a huge challenge for him and for me.

My Occupational Therapist friend is very wise and she has been working with children for about 25 years, so I reached out and asked for her help....

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