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How to Get Toddlers to GO TO SLEEP: Best Bedtime Book for Relaxation

toddler ideas Aug 01, 2017

Bedtime with toddlers can be exhausting.

After bath time, your toddler get so riled up and wants to run around!

They like to read books before bed but then want to play Monster and hide and seek.

They change their "routine" all the time.

One night, you are pacing up and down the living room, carrying her and her stuffed toy until she falls asleep. And the next night, she wants 100 cups of water.

The next night, she can't fall a sleep unless you are lying in beside how are you supposed to get time to finish up everything in the house before you have to go to bed?

The trickiest part is that sometimes...even if you spent the whole day playing outside to wear her out, she still plays around for a long time before sleep.

You read books, say prayers and sing songs, but doesn't seem to put her to sleep faster.

How do you train your child to wind down calmly?

In this video I share a book, A Kid's Guide to Relaxation & Sleep (affiliate) for getting toddlers to go to sleep by relaxing.

➜ THE BOOK: A Kid's Guide to Relaxation & Sleep  (affiliate)
➜ THE SONGS: Songs for relaxation  (Song is sold separately from the book).

If you click on the book link above and purchase it, I’ll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps support my website and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!

Using simple toddler activities, parents, caregivers, teachers, and speech language pathologists can learn how to help toddlers wind down for bedtime routine and understand more language so that they can communicate better.

This book + song is a strategy for parents and speech language pathologists that you can apply right away with your toddler.

Skills you are building in your toddler include:

  • following directions
  • comprehension
  • repetition
  • learning body parts
  • vocabulary expansion
  • intonation
  • melody
  • rhythm

Night Night! Sleep tight!

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