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If I teach my baby sign language, will they not learn to talk? Will they become lazy??

sign language Nov 21, 2018
We're busting some common myths about sign language in this podcast episode I was interviewed on. (My interview begins at 22:44 minutes into the podcast)
- Does sign language limit toddlers' ability to learn to talk out loud?
- How did I become interested in early intervention and sign language?
- Does teaching sign language help kids receive more positive feedback?
- When a child signs a word incorrectly, what should we do?
- Is it helpful to teach students more than one communication modality?
Want to listen? We talk about all these things and more in this myth-busting episode.
(My interview begins at 22:44 minutes into the podcast)
With joy,
P.S. Honored to be invited to be a part of Talking With Tech podcast. Thanks to Rachel Madel, the Speech-Language Pathologist who interviewed me!
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