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How to increase your toddler's attention span

toddler ideas Apr 03, 2018

Wondering what the normal attention span is for toddlers?
8 – 15 months    ➜ 1-2 minutes
16 – 19 months  ➜ 2-3 minutes
20 – 24 months  ➜ 3-6 minutes
25 – 36 months  ➜ 5-8 minutes
3 – 4 years           ➜ 8-10 minutes

How to help your toddler his or her increase attention span:

1) Give attention to gain attention:

when you give your child your full attention, without any distractions, then your children can learn from your model. When you fully attend it also helps you feel confident in how to comment and join in with their play.

2) Enrich rather than interrupt:

allow your child to develop independent concentration by giving them time to follow their own train of thought. Follow what they are playing with, rather than directing their play.

3) Help them shift their attention:

Shifting attention is an important skill for school. You can help by using their name and giving them time to shift from one thing to another. Watch out for what they are looking at, as this gives you a clue about what they are paying attention to!

4) Build up positive associations:

When you're doing structured activities, start with short periods of time so that your child is keen for more. It is better to stop a little early and have your child be happy to return to an activity later, rather than focus on 'completing a task' in one sitting.

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