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How to get out the door on time (with toddlers): Techniques For Smooth Toddler Transitions

toddler ideas May 08, 2018

Getting out the door on time with a toddler?

The struggle is real.

In this video, you will learn:

➜ Noel's Top 3 Songs for Transitioning
➜ How to create an external routine for transitions
➜ How to make transitions fun (for you AND your child) 

Noel, a Music Therapist, shares her tips for helping your toddler transition from one thing to another.

Noel's Top 3 Songs for Transitioning
1. Walking walking, hop hop, hop…
2. Ants Go Marching (Your child's name goes marching, jumping, etc.)
3. Clean up pick up put away (from Daniel Tiger)
Importance of Teaching Kids to Transition
1. Kids are learning to self-regulate
o Give a warning (10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute)
o Keep positive tone
o Some kids need to regulate sensory system first or they feel out of control
 Vestibular input
 Proprioceptive input
 Using music can help you address this issue at the same time.
 Regulate their system and body= more able to follow directions
2. One reason kids have tantrums is simply dealing with change
o Create a routine in transition, they know what to expect
o Familiarity can lessen feelings of anxiety and stress
3. Routine- kids know what to expect, follow through is easier
4. Often difficulty occurs when transitioning from a preferred activity
o Make transitions fun, this lessens the dread of change
o Making music and listening to preferred music releases dopamine.
 Increases positive emotions and motivation
 Dopamine is a motivating chemical in our body
 Activated reward center in our brain
5. Creating positive associations with transitions makes future transitions more
likely to be positive.
Special Thanks to Noel, MMT, MT-BC, Board Certified Music Therapist
from Anderson Music Therapy Services for sharing her wisdom with us!
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